I LOVE this purse.  My partner and I recently had a fun, kid free getaway to a hotel.  As I was checking in, I plopped my Pleasure Purse on the counter with all my toys inside, and the front desk clerk had no clue.  

-Jamie S.

Medicine Hat, AB

Let me just say the obvious:  The size is amazing.  Most of the toy storage I’ve seen has not only been outrageously priced, but can only hold maybe two or three toys, and that’s it.  That’s not the case here. 

-Glowing Review from A Roll In The Hay


Was filling up my @pleasurepurse last night. I can't believe how much it holds. It's like a sex toy TARDIS...bigger on the inside!
-Lunabelle @ninjasexology via Twitter 


The quality of this bag is SO much more than I expected!

-Adult Store Manager

Calgary, AB


The Pleasure Purse is the best sex toy storage option for travel that I’ve ever seen.

Anythingwithsex.com review


I purchased this bag to secretly hide my toys, and it's so stylish, I ended up using it as my daily fashion purse.  Now I need to buy a second one!

-Jessica M.

Regina, SK


One of the things that really impressed me about the Pleasure Purse is how stylish it is in person.  ...the Pleasure Purse is super roomy. It’s about the size of your average gym bag and fits a lot of stuff (and trust me, I loaded this baby up and it wasn't even close to maximum capacity!)

-Skinnydip.ca review